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HypnoBirthing has enormous benefits for mum, dad and little one.

For Mum:

  • Less need for pain relieving drugs during labour
  • Labour tends to be shorter and less painful – some mums report that they experienced no pain, simply pressure.
  • Unique cocktail of hormones released after a natural vaginal delivery ensures mum and baby benefit from the very best of starts
  • Mum receives the biggest hit of the love hormone Oxytocin that she will ever experience in her life which supports bonding & breastfeeding
  • Mum feels utterly euphoric and often says she wants to do it again straight away!
  • Research shows that a positive birth experience tends to lessen the chances of experiencing post-natal depression symptoms

For Dad (or birth partner)

  • A unique chance to experience an incredible bond with mum
  • By being actively involved in the birth, dad doesn’t feel like a spare part
  • Dad has jobs to do, namely protecting mum’s space and being her voice
  • Many mother’s report that it was the voice of their partner which carried them through
  • Dads really get to grips with the logic and report feeling empowered themselves that they helped support mum in achieving the birth she wants

For Baby:

  • Baby’s first experience of life outside the womb is gentle and calm
  • HypnoBirthing mums report that their babies are generally very relaxed and sleep well
  • Baby will arrive alert and free from trauma
  • Baby experiences an all over vigorous massage when delivered vaginally which aids breathing and circulation
  • In the Golden Hour baby will instinctively crawl towards mum’s breast to feed & will have the energy to do so
  • Baby benefits from the colonisation of mum’s friendly bacteria from the birth canal

Traditional antenatal classes focus on pain relief and various interventions. HypnoBirthing allows you to make informed decisions about your entire antenatal and postnatal care at all times. You will take from Blossom and Bloom everything you would expect to find at a standard childbirth education class but additionally, you will also learn:

  • The fear tension pain cycle
  • The sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system
  • How to make your mind work for your body
  • Positions to adopt during labour
  • Breathing techniques
  • Birth physiology
  • Hormones & the very important part they play
  • Support with writing & explaining the purpose of a birth plan
  • Third stage labour
  • Breastfeeding information & support
  • Vitamin K
  • The power of words
  • Self-hypnosis using deep relaxation & visualisation techniques
  • Fear release & letting go of anxieties
  • Medications & interventions
  • Watch a selection of inspiring birth DVD’s
  • Discuss any pregnancy & birth questions in a safe space
  • Dad (or birth partner) is positively encouraged to attend & is a very important part of your birth experience

This list is just a sample of subjects we cover during our time together.

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