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Hypnobirthing has enjoyed a massive spike in popularity recently. What if I told you, for the purpose of this course, we’ll just scrap the word Hypnobirthing? Because Hypnobirthing essentially, is just a label we place on what women have been doing for centuries. Our bodies know exactly what to do, it’s just we’ve been conditioned to believe birth is agony for so long that we all arrive with fear. Hypnobirthing classes teach you where your fear comes from, and how you can support your body in releasing that fear so that you can work with your body and your baby to get the birth you want. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching the beautiful Suzanne Shaw and her partner Sam Greenfield in July 2015 who arrived with misconceptions, fear and uncertainty around how birth could possibly be an enjoyable experience, but she then went on to experience a magical home Hypnobirthing experience with her husband! Home isn’t for everyone, but in this case, second time mum Suzanne made the informed choice that worked exactly the way she wanted to, for her individual family set up.

I use the KG Hypnobirthing method. Katharine Graves taught me when I was pregnant with Mia in 2011. Although Mia was premature and I opted for an epidural, KG Hypnobirthing gave me the insight and the confidence to ask for what I wanted and to feel in control of how events were unfolding. For a start, I knew what was happening to me, and you’d be surprised how many mums find the opposite to be true. Our KG syllabus will give you both so much more than a traditional antenatal class. With me, you will get an individual, personal experience tailored as much as possible to you. No matter what your birth plan may be, HypnoBirthing will enable you to have a positive birth experience, which is worth its weight in gold. Hypnobirthing will support you from the outside in on the most special journey of your life.

Blossom and Bloom HypnoBirthing the KG method, takes an holistic approach to antenatal education. I believe very much in the power of words and pay special attention to the all-round physical and emotional wellbeing of each parent to be I work with. Hypnobirthing is a gentle and extremely effective set of tools that, when practiced, can enable you to experience a positive, calm, gentle and comfortable birth experience. I will provide you with an excellent knowledge of your body during pregnancy and birth.

We talk in great detail about the affects your mind has upon your body as well as each stage of birth, what to expect and how to stay in control and birth without fear. HypnoBirthing is so much more than an antenatal class – it’s a childbirth education programme that equips you with real life skills that transfer right across to any other aspect of your life beyond the birth of your baby. Being able to tap into your subconscious mind and access your inner strength can really instil lots of confidence in yourself and your abilities when you need it the most.

f you are keen to discover what HypnoBirthing is and how it will help support you through the birth of your own baby then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – I’m more than happy to have a chat with you.

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